Sticker of the Month Clubs

All Sticker Clubs - Only $10/month!

100s of Sandylion©, Mrs. Grossman© and Trends International© stickers in packs specially created for you! Your sticker pack will arrive in an attractive and brightly decorated envelope addressed to the recipient and filled with tons and tons of stickers! We only include the most popular designs and characters.

We guarantee our stickers and if your not completely satisfied you can contact us for a full refund or exchange!

Once signed up, you will receive a new sticker pack each month until you cancel your subscription.

  • Preschoolers
    Preschooler Sticker Pack - $10
  • Girls
    Preschooler Sticker Pack - $10
  • Boys
    Preschooler Sticker Pack - $10
  • Adults & Teens
    Preschooler Sticker Pack - $10

Special Occasion Sticker Packs

In your special occasion pack, you will receive a one time mail out of specially themed stickers. Purchase anytime a special occasion deserves stickers!